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  • Nikkei Cuisine

    Nikkei Cuisine

    Lane's unique character is emphasized by the dining experience: ideal for sharing, combining local flavors with those from South America and Japan. Nikkei cuisine, which has stormed the world's capital cities, features dishes created by the Japanese diaspora in Peru who used local, South American ingredients in an ideal marriage with Japanese elements.
  • Craft cocktails

    Craft cocktails

    Cocktails are the essence of our bar: at Lane's, we serve them in hand-made glassware which comes in a range - sometimes sexy or silly - of unique shapes. The menus delight all by themselves: apart from more classic selections, we also offer non-standard items - our guests can discover the mysteries contained in the Little Black Book with our barkeeps' handmade notes and recipes. 
  • Summer Terraces

    Summer Terraces

    In the spring, summer and warm autumn times, Warsaw's most characteristic avenue becomes a natural extension of Lane's via our terrace furnished with beautiful, soft outdoor furniture which is sure to become the most chic alfresco garden in town. 
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    Frequently Asked Questions


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